Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Biggest Change in my Shop Practice

 When I got serious about making things in my wood working shop a dozen years or so ago one of my major problems was impatience.  I could not settle down and accept that it took time for glue, shellac and varnish to dry.  I was always in a hurry.  And as the old saying goes, "haste makes waste" and makes you redo things to get them right.  Commonly I would go into my shop after breakfast and hammer n' saw until lunch then rush back for the afternoon.  I made some big things and had a spell where I was almost a commercial bread board maker.  

  Now things have changed.  For example today.  After spending some time this afternoon helping to take the Christmas tree down and vacuuming up about a million pine needles I headed down to the shop to finish off my small parts box and work on a couple more small scale projects.  By the time I had cleared away the tools, and bit and pieces from my previous efforts my back was getting sore.  

The box has absolutely the wrong hinges and a strap closure.  I will not be polishing the version up.

  I have decided on a better and smaller design using slightly different containers inside.  I am thinking that it this could be refined and used as a paint box for someone crafty.

  I did get most things put away and the wood and materials for tomorrow's effort laid out, I am hoping for a quiet evening, a good sleep and will return to the shop tomorrow.  

  As I was prowling the net I found a nice little project for folks doing hand sawing and the tools to do the job.  

  Time for a medical drink and some Miss Fisher Mysteries. 

cheers, ianw

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