Monday, January 16, 2017

Project #4 and again the table 'sigh'

 My latest little project was easy because I had the materials on hand.  Several years ago I was at a craft store and bought a few dozen wooden pegs. I didn't have a plan for them at the time but....they were on clearance for pennies each.  Since that time I have used most of them on home projects.  A dozen ended up in our laundry/mud room and some more are in our master bathroom on a drying rack and now....a scarf rack for my wife.

  I used a piece of oak and the pegs. All that the project needed was some time spend smoothing the board and sanding the pegs a bit. I enjoy planing good wood, it is a pleasure to shape and it can be made so smooth to the touch.  I expect IKEA or some such place has a rack like this for sale.  I also know that the rack is not solid oak.

  Here is the rack in the closet sharing space with a cubby hole storage unit I made a few winters ago.  I like making things that have a use.

 Work continues on the table. The legs are done and the first few coats of varnish are on.  I expect to spay on 6 to 10 coats of varnish then hand rub a wax finish on to this table.  There has been a whole bunch of hole filling and stain/colour retouching to get this looking good.  

  I have a couple more large jobs outstanding, and so I really need to think hard about my table saw situation.  

cheers, ianw

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