Thursday, January 5, 2017

Project One - 2017

  Step One: lay out.  I marked out the top board into ten equal squares in which I found the centre point.

Step Two: drill out the openings with my hole saw and drill press.  I have a hole saw set that I use a couple of times a year but would be lost without.  I also keep the cut outs to make wheels or toys later.

  The design is for ten yogurt cups to sit in the holes but not fall through.  Over the holiday we had this new yogurt in round cups, so the openings were easier to do. 

Step Three: make a frame around the top.  I used left over plywood for this with the plan of edge filling and painting the project once complete.

Step Four: cut out a thin piece of door skin for the top and glue a couple of pieces of solid wood to the top so I can use screws to hold hinges on.

   I have attached the hinges.  Also I have glued a strap onto the the box to be used to hold the hid down.  As I looked at the project I decided to replace my current hinges since they are ugly.  I save hardware when I take something apart and the hinges that I had laying around were not really the right ones for the job.  The strap is held on with contact cement.  I have found that good old contact cement glues mixed materials very well, in this case wood and rubber. (photo to be included next time)

  Once the glue dries and the strap is secure I will go back and take my ugly hinges off and replace them with something better. (I don't know what yet, 'cause I am cheap and don't want to buy anything).

This ten bin parts holder will be used in my shop as a small parts catch-all.  I will  collect loose screws, nails, nuts, bolts and hardware into these bins while working and then it will be quick and easy to return unused and stray things to their proper place in the shop.

  I will carry on with this project while shellac dries in the back ground as the layers pile up on the re-finished table.

  cheers, ianw

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