Monday, January 31, 2011

Lapstrake Boat in Stockholm

     Last November my wife Eva and I went to Sweden to visit our children.  We spent four days in Stockholm, possibly one of the nicest cities in the world and certainly one of the nicest I have ever visited.  Stockholm is made up of many islands of various sizes and so boats are everywhere.  There were both working and pleasure boats tied up virtually everywhere you looked.  One thing I loved was the number of wooden boats of all types. 

    The photo is of a rough and ready dory style boat being made from some nasty looking softwood using the lapstrake method of construction.  I am told that they lay the tar and paint on very thick and the wood swells enough that the boats works just fine.

Inspired by Roy Underhill

   I watched a Pod Cast of the Woodwright's Shop and saw Roy Underhill make a tallow box from a block of walnut.  After a couple of tires I arrived at a version that suited my tastes.    My boxes are oak or butternut when I plan to put a clear finish on them, poplar if the boxes are to be painted or stained.