Monday, January 23, 2017

Circular Saw Jig(s) - project #6

  Until recently I had every kind of saw that there is. With my table saw dead I am one saw down and I'm trying live with that situation.  I have seldom used my table saw for cross cutting, I have a sliding mitre saw for that and I have a ten and fourteen inch band saw that can do ripping for me.  Also I have a scroll saw,  jig saw,  two circular saws and a whole bunch of hand saws. 

  Long straight ripping was the principle task for which I used my table saw and  now I am going to see what happens when I turn the ripping over to my circular saw and saw jig/guide.

  I searched the internet for ideas, there were many.  I opted to follow the directions from "this old house"  , it seemed to be straight forward and I liked the idea of having two cutting sides.

   Here is the finished project.  I waxed the top of the track/guide, and painted it Jig Red.  In the past I had made a cross cut jig for my other circular saw. 

 Am I ready to embark on life without a table saw?   

   While the glue was drying on the circular saw guide I took the time to clean up my work bench, and used my small parts bit to sort out the various bits and pieces.  Mostly stray screws, wheels(?) and corks. Mostly left over crafts supplies, not drinking supplies.

  Getting the bench clear is a nice bonus.  I was also able to sharpen  a knife and re-frame two pictures while the red paint was drying. Getting organised is a good thing.

  There maybe a bit of an interruption to my blogs. Eva and I are headed off for some vacation time in the Azores   I'll share some photos over the next week or two.  

Cheers, IanW


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