Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

  So the new year did not start off that great for me.  I have been battling a stubborn head cold for nearly a week, so New Year's Eve was spent fulled with cold medication and in bed early.
Taking cold medication has also meant that I have done almost nothing in my shop either.  I believe absolutely that sharp tools and slow heads are a poor mix.

  Anyway, I am finally feeling better and thought I better greet the new year and post a blog.  Chris Schwarz is a work shop hero, as you know and yesterday I saw a deeply wise post from him called "up your game with 'make pretty' ".  

  Successful Chefs have learned about "make pretty."  They know that the food is eaten first with our eyes.  Movie stars have learned "make pretty" too, some of them are as hollow as an old tree but get along because they look good. 

  I am going back to the restoration of the live edge table that I started before the holidays and that is very much about "make pretty".  The blood and guts washed off without too much effort but filling the gouges, refitting the legs and refinishing the top will make a serviceable table into a lovely, serviceable  table.

  Another large job sitting in the middle of the floor of my shop is the chest of drawers I collected for free.  It is time to get soap and hot water flowing to see what is needed to make this furniture piece pretty again. 

  The process of finishing and making truly things pretty does not necessarily demand high skill, just time and serious attention to detail.  Attention to detail  separates the serious craftsman from the causal hobbyist.  I have time now and so aspire to serious craftsman.

Happy New Year,

cheers, ianw

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