Saturday, January 14, 2017

Table Legs Finished

  I got the dresser out of the way the other day and so the remaining big job is this table.  I got help today flipping it upside down and then glued the legs back into place.  I was able to keep the original legs with only some clean up.  To  attach the legs as solidly as possible I used Gorilla Glue.  In my experience it is the best product available to glue loose fitting joints together. I dampened the dried out tenons and jammed it together, now it needs 24 hours to cure.

Live Edge Table 

  You can see the glue foamed up and hardening.  Once the glue is cured the leg will not wobble, ever.

  Getting the old dried glue off the tenons and out of the mortise called for some less than gentle wood work.  This set of chisels as been around for more than 10 and less than 25 years.  I think they were a one time sale someplace and I have used/abused them without conscience for their entire life. I have three gauges and three straight chisels and they are only used to chip away hardened glue or dirty bark or on nasty recovered boards.  Once I have the heavy going dealt with I switch to my nice quality chisels. I think it is good to have tools like this, because sometimes there are nasty jobs to do.  I also don't use a slot head screw driver for bashing and scraping, though I have a huge heavy one from prying open cans and things.
  Until this latest effort these chisels have lived loose in the back of a storage drawer.  As a reward for their continued service I think they need a tool roll or storage box, not to protect the chisels as much as to protect my hands while I rummage around looking for things.

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