Friday, January 13, 2017

Project #3 - Small Box - Making Pretty

  After making the bit bit holder I set about putting tools away and clearing off my bench.  A while ago I made a little holder for my bench in which my marking tools are stored between jobs. As you can see my pencils are in a flattened tin can. Such an ugly shame on a wood workers bench.

  The slightly improved version is a small wooden box made from scraps to hold my pencils.

  The nicer version is a small wooden box wood burned, tinted with pencil crayon and finished with spray varnish.

  A small box like this can be made from scraps laying around the shop.  I cut out the various pieces, then glued and clamped them together.  The quality of wood glue is so good now that if you have time to wait there is almost no need for pins or finishing nails.  The smoother the wood is sanded the better result achieved in wood burning so I sanded to 320 grit before drawing on my design and then burning it.


  Yesterday when I set to work my table saw died.  I have been busy with other things today so I've not dug out the shop manual to see if there is an inline fuse or something of that sort that could have stopped my saw's motor but can be saved/reset.  If....the saw is dead.....what do I do?  What do I do? 

  I don't use my table saw very often anymore,  could I get by with a home made track saw and my band saw? I have a good circular saw with good blades and two band decent band saws.  But I have always had a table it necessary in a small hobby shop like mine?  I am filled with questions and considerations, I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

cheers, ianw

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