Thursday, January 19, 2017

Project #5 *

My grand kids were visiting for a couple of days while their parents went off for a skiing trip. Both the kids love to make things in the wood shop but this time my bench was taken up with a large live edge table and so I had to think of other things to make.

 The first thing I hit upon was:

  These were a big hit with the seven year old boy, K.  I suspect by next summer he will have learned all of the different stars.  I need to look for better quality sticks with which he can work.

  The second  deflection from shop things was also building.

  K worked on the tracked excavator for over an hour solid, took a break and came back to it.  He picked a project that was listed as difficult but he felt that he knew what a tracked excavator looked like and that would be a help.

  He did pretty well.  He used pliers, tweezers, glue and finally tape.  If you look closely he got the boom on upside down but otherwise it came together not too badly.  If you are looking for a rainy day project with a kid that likes to make things I recommend this.  

 cheers, ianw

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