Project Photos

May 2017, Eva's box from a skid

Rowan's Pocket Puffin

Glass storage shelf unit in our basement. 

carving knife handle

Dec.2016. book and gadget caddy 

My Jewelry Box
spool and bobbin holder

portable bench vise

Japanese Style Tool Box

scroll saw animals for Granddaughters

folding table up and

Tova's canoe paddle

Jan. 2016 vase

mitt/boot dryer

September 2013. Spruce with wood burned detail, finished with spray on shellac

necklace box July 2013
what you do when your back won't let you sit up or stand

March 2013 Matching Keepsake boxes.

Nov. 2012, oak and roasted birch

Fall 2012, toys for the church sale

Nov. 2012,

Nov. 2012, carved and stained

A nice little project (summer 2012)
cutting boards and stand, fall 2011

This is the bathroom shelf and the little slide out step stool for the little people.  The bottom step slides in under the top step and the whole things fits under the shelf.
Tallow boxes fall 2010
Elm Mirror Frame Feb.2011
Elm box Feb 2011, Watco Danish Oil finish

Oak and Cedar Clock Feb 2011

Elm Kitting Needle Box Feb. 2011,
walnut aniline dye finish

A tool and its product.

Elm and Walnut, April 2011

oak door mat April 2011

umbrella handle summer 2011
Oak and Poplar Trivet, April 20111

elm steam punk box, Aug.2011

a grand old project from long long ago

aug. 2011, spruce candle holder

magic wand display stand

book shelf 2012 January

one of two side tables in the television room

one of many pocket hole flower boxes

table in the television room

KREG footstool

sofa table

ottoman, with book storage underneath

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