Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shop Sharpening Short Cut

  I honestly don't remember whether this quick tip is something that I picked up off the internet or from a fellow woodworker or if it is something that I figured out for my self.  It is so obvious that I am sure someone else has done it before.

  This blog begins with it being peach season and I love fresh raw peaches, I even eat them unpeeled.

  Yesterday I was cutting a peach into sections with my thin bladed fruit knife.

  This knife has a very thin carbon steel blade that takes a very fine edge is excellent for slicing fruit. Care is needed because the blades will turn over easily if it hits anything harder than fruit flesh.  Cutting a peach or plume means you draw the blade along a pit sometimes. 

   Since I was sitting and enjoying my peach I didn't want to have to go to the kitchen (or shop) and get some thing to hone the blade I was using.  Ordinarily I would use a sharpening steel, ceramic stone or strop to re-hone the blade. I improvised and used the unglazed section on the bottom of my coffee cup.

  After a couple of firm but careful passes across the raw section of ceramic the knife blade was much improved and I was able to slice my peach into perfect thin sections.  This is not a substitution for formal sharpening tools, but a quick way to touch up a knife on a work site, and another reason to avoid paper coffee cups.

cheers, ianw

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Balance Bike Plan and Finished Project

  Last week I posted a couple of videos showing how to make a balance/glide bike.   Since then a link showed up on my Pinterest account here is an actual plan for a bike.

    Today I began the process of applying coats of shellac, sanding and varnish to the small three drawer storage cabinet.

  The drawers are about 8 inches square with aromatic cedar ends, plywood sides and bottom. The body of the box is white cedar and the top is maple and mahogany.  This entire project was made from materials available in my shop.  The top was cut down from boards I edge glued for another project years ago.  I never throw anything away and on this project it paid off.

cheers, ianw