Saturday, July 7, 2018

Two Weeks away from the Shop

 So for two weeks I haven't posted anything.  That does not mean that I have been sitting in the shade drinking Mint Juleps. Well, in fact I had a Mint Julep last Thursday evening, oh my goodness it went down smoothly. It was an evening of decadence, I also ate four different kinds of home made ice cream/sherbet.  My host, the ice cream maker, recommended "The Perfect Scoop" as his ice recipe book. I have it on order from our local library.

  What else?  I spent a week riding my motorcycle around Muskoka and the Haliburtion HIghlands in fabulous weather. I can not recommend those regions of Ontario highly enough. My family is from Bracebridge, though I've never lived there and so can not claim to be perfectly objective.  As a foot note there is an excellent bakery in Dwight Ontario called Erika's, outstanding donuts. 

  Anyway, what else?  Gardening, it's a jungle out there, and we love it.  

  Wood working, well, whittling while enjoying quiet evenings on Lake of Bays.

  That is my Mora 511 carbon steel knife and the two projects that I whittled while sitting on the porch after my rides.  I found a piece of dry white cedar and went with the grain .  All I needed aside from the knife was a sheet of 80 grit and a sheet of 150 grit sand paper.  My grand daughters found the two ended spoon a bit odd but it was inspired by 'the daily spoon' My plan for the wooden knife is to make it into a letter opener knife by chemically hardening the blade with epoxy or something similar. I still get some snail mail. 

  Otherwise I have  just been puttering around and enjoying the summer weather,  that has finally arrived. 


  One day I am going to have a reason to make a boat like this. One day.

  I hope you are enjoying your summer and are out in the fresh air and sunshine whenever possible.

cheers ianw

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dowel Plate from Lee Nielsen

   About ten years ago Lie Nielsen's travelling road show came to a local wood working supplier and I went along to see their outstanding product line.  At the time I was just beginning to set up my shop and didn't have the money to buy what I needed at the premium quality level.  However I wanted to support the local effort and hoped that it would be successful enough that Lie Nielsen would visit again in a couple of years.  

  Moral support is nice but financial support is nicer.  I bought two things at the show. I bought this dowel plate what was expensive though not as much as now.  Also Canadian money was at a better exchange rate in those days. 

  I use the dowel plate fairly often.  I keep my chop sticks from restaurant meals and use the dowel plate to make 3/16 dowels.  The bamboo chop sticks make really strong dowels. Recently I have made 24, 1 1/2 inch 3/16 dowels for the wooden train planter project.  The hopper car is finished and the coal tender is nearly done too.  I began the steam engine today by cutting wheels and gluing up the base plate.  

  The other thing I bought was a plane makers float. It hardly even gets used.  I have quite a few good files and rasps and this one doesn't fill a special need, at this time.   I am still glad I bought it, I hope that someone else will take on the responsibility of inviting Lee Nielsen back to Ontario for a show.

cheers ianw