Friday, February 23, 2018

Finishing Up Some Small Things

  Yesterday I finished up a few small projects that were floating around in my shop. The things on sticks are garden ornaments awaiting paint.  I shaped the fish and snails from reclaimed lumber and sealed them with shellac so that what ever paint is put on them it will take fewer coats to get a good finish.  Last summer I made and Kieran painted a fish for our garden, based on an idea I saw on holiday. 

  I thought to make snails since real snails are in abundance in our kids garden in Gavle. The napkin holders are for my two little grand daughters in Sweden too.  

 The car is made from a kit bought at the $ store.  I had it and figured it should get built.  Since the kit is glue only building it is too slow a project for kids young enough to what to play with it.  

  Working away on these 'crafts' in a well equipped shop is an easy distraction.  With a band saw, cutting out the shapes is easy although a jig saw could do the job as well.  I used my random orbital sander and a knife to shape the snails and fish all of which could be done by hand.  To make the little car I used various clamps, but a bit of patience holding things while the glue set up could also do the job.  

  I admire "Makers" that build cool, large and complex things but...I also like small crafty projects.  I am at the point where our house is full and my friends and families house's are full  too I don't have anywhere to put big projects.  My wife's hobby is baking, what she makes gets eaten, I haven't found a sauce that makes a foot stool taste good enough to eat, yet. 

  This coming weekend is the Hamilton Wood Show at the Hamilton Airport.  I hope folks go out and see the vendors and meet up with their friends. 


  Cheers, Ianw

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Home from the warm weather.

  We arrived home Saturday evening. On Sunday we visited our Mothers, unpacked and washed clothes. Here, Monday was a statutory holiday, a good day for visiting and relaxing. Today I began to think about workshop things.  Currently our furnace guy is at work giving our gas furnace a check up.  It's not bad today but this winter sure put our heating system through its paces.

   Before we left Clara's new blanket box got home and there she is inside 

   Six years ago I made this toy box for Clara's big brother.  He was two then, she is 6 1/2 now.

  Eva and I were in Lagoa Azores last week and in their local museum was this cross section from the Japanese Pine that is grown commercially on Sao Miguel Island. As you can see the tree grows quickly.  That cross cut has 98 annual tree rings.  The wood is light and very open grained but useful for construction and general carpentry. 

Image result for japanese pine trees sao miguel

  Isn't in amazing what you can grow with a 12 month growing season?

  We are back for a few weeks and then away again for a while.  On this coming trip I will try and tell you'all in the loop.

cheers, ianw