Saturday, January 21, 2017

Project # 5 - for real

  As I was working on the table, I introduced this set of long suffering, abused chisels. They were used  to chip away old hardened glue on the table legs and in the leg mortises. These stainless steel, one piece chisels get all the really terrible jobs, but I decided they deserved a better home then loose in the back of a shop drawer after this last project.  Also I figure that If they are closer at hand they'll get more use and maybe! better treatment.

  I really don't remember where I got them, what they cost and why one has black tape wrapped around it.  I know they weren't expensive because they've always done the dirty jobs.

  My first thought was a box for storage.  I like making boxes and tools store well in boxes  and the box would take up as much space as the chisels alone.  So I thought about a tool roll/sleeve.  I have bits of leather laying about and make duct tape cloth too. Then I decided on a compromise design, it will store the chisels and not take up too much space, and will keep the tools at hand.

step one: thin oak board, leather and contact cement. 

step two: read and follow the instructions for your glue. In this case clamp and let dry over night.

  Step Three:  as well as gluing the leather, I glued various wooden spacers onto the oak back board. I have become partial to Weldbond myself for wood, paper and leather.

  Step Four:

  Ready to be hung on the wall beside my other chisel rack. This is one of those projects that cost $00.00 to make, or at least almost nothing.  The wood is all scrap, the rubber band in the middle is a bicycle tube.  I suppose I paid some money for the bits of leather, at some time but I don't remember how much or when.

  Now these rough and ready chisels will hang on the wall above my bench and will do the chipping and scrapping jobs so saving  my  'good' chisels for paring and trimming. 

cheers, ianw

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