Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Stuff for the Grand Kids.

    I have been struggling to get back working in my shop.  Today was the first day in three months that I was able to really take on a serious project.  And at that,  it is tough to work when hopping around on one leg part of the time or resting on a walking stick. Soon I will be better and/or more use to limited mobility, (no heavy lifting and almost no bending down to get stuff off the floor) and maybe only small scale projects from now on.  Time will tell.

   Anyway, I started work on a jewellery box made from oak and roasted maple, once today's glue dries you can see some photos of the project as it develops. 

   The minion and the penguin, that is the type of thing I have been doing while laying on my back for the last couple of weeks.  I carved the two little fellows in basswood and then painted them with craft paint. I also carved a couple of Santa Claus and a couple of snails, and a space shuttle and a wee boat and messed up a couple of other things. 

   If you have been debating wood carving, give it a go.  You don't need expensive tools.  I do lots of carving with my Bessey Utility knife.
Bessey D-BKWH Quick-Change Folding Utility Knife - Wood Grain Handle

   Remember any shop time, is good time.

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