Saturday, July 20, 2013

Silly? Maybe not? Also some wood stuff

* EarthBlender Drill-Powered Garden Cultivator

   I can see this being a problem for a cordless drill but....a 1/2 inch mixing drill might be just the ticket.    This could be a other reason to buy that drill dedicated to mixing drywall and other low speed, high torque grunting type jobs.

sanded to 400 grit, finished with Hemp seed Oil, I love the colour

love the grain

     The boards sitting on the router table are a baguette board and a small handled serving board made from re-claimed white oak.  
    Last winter I got a call from a guy that was tearing an older home apart (renovating) and he said that he had a bunch of nice oak.  Did we want it for the wood carving/wood working club at the Seniors centre?  I drove out to the place and filled my station wagon with bits and pieces of trim and shelving and odds and ends that he had torn from the inside of the house.  All of the wood had nail holes and embedded screws and other hazards but... once it was culled and considered there were enough nice pieces to serve our needs well.  The club got a good pile of wood for carving and I kept some for small projects.

   I think the results show for themselves, once I got the ugly "golden oak" stain and dirt off the boards and worked around the nail holes the result makes me happy.  I love wood, it is almost eternal, I was glad we are able to reuse this and that it didn't end up in land fill.

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