Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Woodworking, summer time

Kay Home Prod. 30002 Charcoal BBQ Hibachi Steel Stamped Marsh Allen

   Remember when this was the Bar B Q?  For years my brother bought one of these at the beginning of the season (for cheap) and lined it with aluminium foil when it started to rot away, and usually by the end of the season the wooden handles had burned off.  But we where innocents and didn't know that our burgers where less than perfect and that to have a great burger you must spent hundreds of dollars and cook with gas, and probably have a side burner or two.

  Generally I am not in favour of disposable objects.  Usually I advocate for quality and longevity, in this case,  I think a $12.00 bbq is a good deal.  If you want to try old school bbq I have attached a link   to how to make a charcoal chimney  fire starter.

   Try and survive the heat wave, cook out and maybe have a cold beer or two.

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