Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lathe Spindle Sizing Trick

  As I was cruising around the net today I happened on a cool idea.  Lathe work is something that I enjoy and am spending more  on recently.  One of the reasons that I got a lathe in the first place was because I needed some over sized dowels for a project a few years ago.  I had been taught to use callipers to measure the material as I removed wood and that method was pretty effective but I just saw a new idea on the net.(or at least new to me).

  Check out this video

  If you look at the video at one minute you can see that the pre-drilled size gauge  is hanging on the tail stock ready to be slide onto the spindle to check the size any time the woodworker wants it.  I think that is quicker and easier than callipers.

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