Thursday, July 4, 2013

Necklace Jewellery Box

    I couple of seasons ago I made a prototype of jewellery box to store necklaces.  My wife has dozens of necklaces from all over the place and for a long time the strings of beans etc. lived a tangled life in a shoe box.  Sometimes it took longer to get the accessories sorted out then getting all dressed up. 

   The solution was a box that featured a bunch of hooks and room for things to hang.  The version is made from left over poplar and actually nailed together, left unfinished.   This is definitely a prototype.

   After a while, a year?? I have got going on making a quality version of this jewel case.

   This is the fully clamped and drying box that I started with to make the new case.  This example is built from oak, roasted oak and the corners are mitred.  

    Next I cut the box apart I got two equal halves that will be hinged on the left side. I bought the hinges last evening and I need to figure out some nice feet.
Surface Face Hinge

    After the feet are designed and attached I will begin the finishing process. 

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