Friday, July 12, 2013

Necklace Jewellery Box Pt. 2

   Actually Pt.2 is nearly the end.  A few blogs ago I showed the basic project clamped and un-clamped.  I had decided on hinges, but then opted for brass instead of dark iron.

 I felt the brass looked better with the roasted maple and oak.  The roasted maple is very deep brown, almost black, a really nice colour.  I learned also that the roasted Maple was a real pain to work with, sanding it filled the shop with dust that stained the other wood if it got damp.  The fine dust just stuck and stained anything it touched.  I am thinking of trying to make a "stain" from some of the sanding dust and varnish, I'm not sure that the dust actually dissolves or not, it is almost ash texture, from being roasted.  I'll keep you up to date on developments, a really nice brown, with no red in it stain would be nice to have sometimes.
26 hooks, if you are counting
   The back board is plywood, I needed it to be thinner that I was comfortable making the oak.  So you can see that there are two rows of hooks in the back and only one row in the front or door section.  

    You can also see the two big feet upon which the case stands, but I found the oak door was heavy enough that I needed a little tiny baby foot on the door to provide balance when the case is open.  I also see from this photo that there is some dust collected on the bottom corner, fear not, it will get thoroughly rubbed down before being put into service.

    I used Tom's Finish on the case work and will add one quick coat of wax before I send it away.

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