Monday, July 29, 2013

Project of Necessity

     In the Harry Potter books there is a room at Hogwarts School called the Room of Necessity that you can only find when you really need it.  Leave it to the Magic world to create the ultimate port-a-potty.  Anyway, I am a muggle and so have to make my own things the old fashioned way.


   This is the glue up of the project before I got serious with the band saw and sanders.  I made the bulk of the project from Red Elm, heavy and strong with a challenging course grain.  The top of the project is pine, soft and easy to work.

    There is the finished project, why a project of necessity?  Since my back has decided to go out of its way to make my life difficult I am always accompanied by a cane/stick. I use the stick to help me down and up from chairs and to take some strain off my right leg when I am walking or standing.  Happily I do not need the stick all the time, depending on how much discomfort I am willing to tolerate. As the day go one I get less tolerant. The stick  has become like reading glasses, I don't need all the time, but I always need it close at hand.


    You can see that there is a lanyard on the stick.  This is my motorcycling stick.  I can sling it over my shoulder while I am riding and so have it to use while I am off the bike.  I have been able to get out for a couple of short bike rides recently and plan to keep going whenever I can, hence the need for a motorcycling stick.

   Why necessity?  It was easier to make a stick then find a place to buy one, and riding the Honda is a necessity.  

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