Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shop Tip - Super Glue and you

  In March 2011 I reviewed a glue product called "the last glue". I maintain my opinion that it is a very good product, and I think that it will glue nearly anything to anything as they claim. Certainly it glued anything I wanted but silicone wonderfully.  However, I have used the glue for several years and always end up throwing at  least half of it away.  In the course of use the balance of the glue gets contaminated and sets in the bottle and least half of it gets wasted.  The problem is that there is much more glue than I have need of, and so time takes it toll and the balance is wasted.  

  Since I will never get myself in to a high production situation I have either to buy the glue and bear the cost or.....I found another solution.

  While I don't think this glue product is as good as "the last Glue", it is good enough, very reasonably  priced (cheap one could say) and comes as four tiny tubes rather than one large tube of adhesive.

    I have found that I occasionally  need a tiny drop of this glue to repair a problem with a wood carving, or glue on an eye or something of that sort. If in the process the tube gets contaminated  or the top glues itself to the tube, que sera, sera.  Throw the tube out and get another, much less glue is lost.  

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