Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Making a Pattern

  The first thing to include is my two finger hold down in use as promised. 

You can see this  jig allows me to hold the wood very close to the saw. This situation doesn't happen very often but often enough that it needed attention.

 The other thing I thought I'd show today was the process I generally use for making patterns and templates. 

 Often I am inspired by something I've seen on the net, there are a nearly infinite number of gifted people with an infinity of good ideas to be inspired by, or just copy. When I can I give credit for the idea, in this case I don't know whence the original design came.

   Initially I make some sketches on scrap paper and then a finished drawing in a serious art note book.

  I use these books because the paper is almost as heavy as Bristol board, but with a matte finish. It is 190 grams per square metre vs. 200 - 250 for Bristol board.* In this case my drawing is for a scroll saw pattern.

You could cut this pattern out with a coping saw and a band saw without too much trouble, the scroll saw is just easier.

  Next I make a copy of the pattern using my computer printer on ordinary printer paper. This way I keep the heavy paper pattern in a folder for later use. The light paper pattern is glued to the wood and cut out on the scroll saw.

 In this case I glued the pattern onto a piece of 1/4 inch Baltic birch and cut it out.  Since I like this pattern and expect to use it often I'll trace it onto the wood the next time rather than glue a print out onto the material. Tracing the pattern means I don't have to wait for the glue to dry, or clean it off the project after cutting it out.

Since it is a jig, it has to be red.

  I see this as a small trivet or a large coaster. A larger version could be used to protect a table top from hot dishes. We have a couple of palm trees in our house and this goes with the décor.

 Just by the by, here is a sketch that I did last evening in my note book.

cheers, ianw

p.s. bicycle season has begun here, finally.

Is that cool wood, or what!

* - If you keep your eyes pealed quality artist note books come on sale frequently. I bought my last books on a 3 for 1 sale. 

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