Friday, April 8, 2016

Lap Joints, a Puzzle and a Relief Carving.

  Over the last couple of days I have been nursing a sore back but still trying to do some things in my shop.

 I am taking another painting class, this time oil painting and need a way to move damp canvases from studio to home.

  My plan was to make a frame that would go in between the face of two canvases. That way the wet paint would be protected and hidden.
 The frames are made from 1/2 poplar with lap joints for strength without nails.

I cut the joints on my table saw by making multiple passes while holding the wood on my table saw sled. After cutting the joints I used a rasp to clean up the little bits left over. I keep a fairly course rasp close at hand and use it often to tune up little details when working in my shop. I opted not to use dado blades for the few small cuts that needed to be made. If the project had been any bigger I would have taken the time to put in dado blades, they are the correct tool for the job. 

The stop block limited the width of the cut.

  The frames were glued together and left to dry over night.

  Canvases of two sizes ready to go to art class next week. I had the straps in a box in my shop. They are old straps from camera and tool bags long gone. 

  The other two projects are a puzzle for a grand child and a small relief carving I was working on yesterday between laying on my back trying to find a comfortable position.

  When I am finished there will be six different pictures on these blocks, therefore six puzzles.  If the puzzles are too much challenge just now, then the blocks can be played with just as blocks.

  The relief carving is just a time killer.  

 I think it is a Dogwood. (sort of). I need to add some refinements and then paint it. As I am painting the rest of the puzzle I will get around and finish this.


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