Friday, April 15, 2016

Rubber Band Pistol

 Today I whipped up a quick project for my grand kids.  They are coming for part of the weekend and I wanted to get my gun done so that the paint will be dry by the weekend.

 I looked on the net for plans and ideas and I found dozens. There was toy guns that were made to look like a real gun (not a good plan) and rubber band guns with sophisticated multi fire mechanism and some easy models with which kids can play. The weakest link in making my gun is the poor quality of the modern clothes pin.

  My gun is a three shot clothes pin action gun.

  I set out to make the gun look more like something from outer space than from real life.

loaded and ready to go.
 The barrel is short enough that that rubber band can't gather much potential energy and so will not sting if it hits skim by mistake.  I made the gun because the cheap plastic toys like it are crap. I hate crap toys, or tools for anything else.

  If you want to make a more complex toy like this :

 Check out this video; Slimmest Step Up Action.

cheers, ianw

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