Friday, April 1, 2016

A day late, but not forgotten

  This blog entry belonged to March, but with it being tax time my desk time has been diverted from this more useful and pleasant work. Anyway, better late....

  Every now and then I see a 'shop tip' that is so good.  I love this, I don't have a dead blow hammer, and since I don't make much furniture have carried on with one for years. Sometimes I do need to persuade some nice bits of wood to fit together and now I can do it without concern for the wood finish.  We all have more hammers that we need, so fitting a rubber tip to one is not a trouble. Interestingly this hammer was the one that lived in my Grandmother's kitchen junk drawer for ever and ever. I think of her when eating pie and tarts and when hammering in my shop.

 Wood workers can find useful tools in craft and hobby stores too. A while ago I bought this self healing cutting board. I cut all my leather and many of my templates on it now. Using it means I don't have to find a smooth, unblemished section on my work bench when cutting things out. This is something that I wish I'd bought years ago.

  These are a few of the small things I finished off yesterday in a break from annual paper work. 

   The figure eights are to wrap head phone cords around to control chaos on my desk.

  The napkin ring was turned on my lathe a week or two ago and I finally wood burned a design and varnished it.

  The bamboo chop sticks and skewers are to remind you to recycle them in your shop for paint stirring and glue spreading. I have also used the skewers as tiny dowels on project.  

 Last but not least is a prototype money clip using leather as a hinge with rare earth magnets to hold it closed. I'll see how it works out, then either refine or reject it.

 These are the products of a bit of time in my shop relaxing and forgetting about tax related paper work. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a shop in which to play.

cheers, Ian W

both death and taxes are inevitable, delay the first and manage the second as best you can.

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