Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Apartment Wood Worker

  I think I have a new woodworking hero, Curtis Hampton a.k.a. the Apartment Woodworker.

  Check out this video of him making a tool box and visit his site to see his other projects.

making a tool box

  In a blog on February 24 2012 I talked about an apartment tool kit and another time talked about the usefulness of a jig saw 
(April 2, 2012). I could and should have talked about the Black and Decker Workmate and the Kreg Pocket hole Jig and worth while additions to the apartment tool kit. Curtis certainly showed both tools to their best advantage.

 If, in the future I whine about my workshop space people are allowed to give me a cold stare and refer me to "The Apartment Woodworker".

nice bit of work there


cheers, IanW

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