Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Table Saw - Shim Jig

 Every now and then you need a shim. There is something that fits a little less than perfectly and the problem can be fixed with a little wooden wedge. You can buy shim stock at a big box store, really the shim stock is just low grade cedar shakes and they cost money. Or you can cut the wooden wedges your self. I have cut many wedges with my band saw, but I like John's idea for using the table saw better. The result is more consistent and the cuts straighter. 

 John Heisz at I Build It.ca has a jig that makes making shims quick and safe.

A Shim Jig, not a Shindig. 

 This is a jig that you should have in collection of table saw jigs, you know, with you thin strip jig, your spline jig, your table saw sled etc.

 I especially like this shim jig because it has a system to hold the small shim after it has been cut lose.  A jig like this is something that I would make while I was supposed to be cleaning up the shop or when I was puttering around waiting for glue to dry. Jigs like this are always painted red or orange so that they doesn't blend into the back ground and get lost amongst the other bits of wood and incomplete projects in my shop.

cheers, ianw

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