Monday, March 28, 2016

Tray + Box = Japanese Style Tray Tool Box.

the necessary parts.

 Sometime ago I bought a few of these metal tool trays, now I am finally going to build some tool boxes to make use of these wood show bargains. 

 The tool box I ended up making is a Western/Japanese hybrid. 

Tool box and Rockwell Bench Jaw.

 The tray sits inside the box and the metal handle on the tray is the handle for carrying the tool box. All very ordinary, until you look at how the tray is attached to the wooden box.

 The box, which I painted grey is made from left over plywood and held together with brad nails so nothing special. The red board sides under the tool tray handle and acts as a lid and the little red thing that looks like a handle locks the tray in place while you carry the box. ( I painted the wooden pieces red to keep them from blending into the background in the shop)

  In this picture you can see the box without the locking pin in place.


  The tray is put in under the long side, then slid backward under the short side and the pin keeps the tray from sliding while it is being carried.  I got the idea from the Japanese Style box  I made recently for my smaller marking tools.


 When I was making this box I used my brad nailer to tack the parts together quickly, and easily. A nail gun makes two handed assembly easy and when nail heads showing doesn't matter it is the way to go.

  Now that I have the design worked out I think I will make another tool box with nicer materials because I still have a couple of trays left.

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