Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Travelling Game, Stocking Stuffer

  Tic-tac-toe or Noughts and Crosses is a rite of passage, every kids plays it.  I like Tic-tac-toe because it is the first direct strategy game most kids learn.  

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This is the game I used as my inspiration.  An off cut of spruce 2 x 4 and a bit of 1/2 dowel and one screw was all it took to make this project. If the kids show an interest in playing with it we'll make another one over the holiday as an "Opa and Kid" take home shop project .  I used my drill press and Forster bits to make my game but hand tools could also do the job.

 Instead of marbles, I used dowel sections. Marbles are lovely but easily lost, dowel is as easily lost but replacement is easy. 

    The idea of built in game storage was what caught my eye initially. A further advantage of using dowel sections was that I could make the game smaller and still have enough playing tokens.   
 If you have kids that need to be amused while riding in the car, or are just trying to encourage strategy and problem solving skills this is a quick, easy and useful shop project. 

  Cheers, Ianw

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