Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Theoretical Woodworking

 Everyone knows about theoretical physics now days because of the excellent work done by that noted documentary presenter Sheldon.  It appears that theoretical physics is mostly about whining and watching television.  Theoretical wood working is more about wishing and watching videos. 

  This week our home is filled with Children, Grand Children and their Cats, all of which are welcome but also create a barely suppressed excitement/chaos.  What with opening gifts, playing games, eating, drinking and hanging out, workshop time is theoretic only. 

  I have been reading books, admiring/making plans and watching some videos for ideas. Last night after the little people were in bed and the grown ups where having second dessert and drinking wine I watched a video by Peter Brown
on making a Drunken Cutting Board.  This is a project that I have been thinking of trying for some time.  I have made dozens of cutting boards but they have always featured straight lines, it is time to spread my wings and try something new.

A Drunken Cutting Board

  For a board like this maple and walnut seem the natural choices. I think I have some walnut laying around but I know I don't have any maple. Poplar is a good contrasting colour but not as hard a maple.  Poplar would be fine if this was to be used as a serving board rather than a cutting board. Instead of making it extra thick I think I will make mine thinner and put handles on it.  A Drunken Serving tray will be appropriate for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. 

  Mr. Brown made an interesting comment  at the glue up stage of this project. I am like him often, I want to add one more clamp, you know, just in case. My favourite clamps are 'speed clamps' :

       Irwin 6'' Quick-Grip Bar Clamp/Spreader 506QCN      Bessey, 18-inch EZS Ratcheting Clamp EZS45-8
now I see they're called ratcheting clamps, those are the clamps I reach for first. I like their one handed use and clamping strength. Though they seem expensive, quality clamps last for years and years. 

  Today our city is facing the effects of its first winter storm. We don't have to leave the house, so we don't care about the weather, a bonus that comes with retirement. 

  I hope you have sometime for both theoretical and practical woodworking today.

 cheers, ianw

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