Friday, December 11, 2015

An Old Project, a Christmas Project and a Crafty Project

 As I was rummaging around our basement the other day cleaning away wood chips so it would be nicer for guests. I looked at our basement window again.  We finished the basement four years ago and I made all the trim on my router table.

  I also made the built-in shelf unit, it fits tightly inside the window frame, so tightly in fact that it needs no extra fasteners.  At the time I was quite proud of the accuracy of my work, now I would expect it.

I think you can see how closely the shelf frame fits, actually closer than the mitred corner on the window frame. 

  Those oak slats sitting on my bench are waiting to be turned into a Christmas gift.   It is certainly easier, faster and more accurate to turn rough lumber into planned, squared and uniformly thick building materials in a power tool shop. I love my jointer, planner and table saw.

  The last two photos are of a little craft project I did to show my Grand kids.  My two local sweeties are coming for the weekend and if they like the fire wood Santa we can make a couple more.  If they don't, he can still sit outside the door and greet the holiday visitors.

Not very big at all.

I think we need some snow, to help
with Christmas Spirit.
cheers, ianw

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