Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oak Door Mat

 A while ago I posted the ripped pieces of oak for a new door mat.

  This time instead of threaded stock and washers I am holding  this door mat together with nylon cord and knots.  First I  drilled two holes in each piece of oak slightly larger than the cord, so it would be easy to thread through the holes. 

 At the drill press I set up a jig that enabled me to drill the holes consistently three inches from each end while holding the pieces of wood parallel with the edge of the jig to keep the holes in the centre of each board too. There were fifty two holes to drill so a jig is the efficient way to get consistent spacing.

  The final result  will stand up for several years, and when the cord wears though it will be time to scrub and scrape the wooden slats anyhow. I left all the corners sharp so that mud and mess will more easily be scrapped off of shoes and boots.

  If you have need for a last minute gift this one used left overs, is low tech and is useful.

  If you plan to make a mat like this remember the knots use up a great deal of cord. I allowed fives times the length of the mat pieces and once I'd strung the cord through and knotted it on both ends I had less than one foot left once I tied the ends off.

cheers, ianw

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