Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One Bowl Done, One to Go

  Today David embraced his inner middle school self and turned the segmented bowl to completion. The end result is Okay.  We both learned several important things on this project that we will use in the next one.

  We were pretty casual with the glue up stage and that showed in our results. More careful fitting and clamping is called for next time. In spite of poor preparation the mini lathe makes a good little bowl with a minimum of fuss.

  If you look closely you can see that some of the glue joints needed help from glue and sawdust. We also didn't knock ourselves out with the finishing stage, the bowls just got some wax. However, David and I decided that it was a good time and that we will be doing it again, more seriously this time.

 The other thing that has been happening in the shop are my annual Christmas ornaments.

   This year's tree ornaments are six, slightly silly snowmen. I think the next line is five stolen rings. It actually took longer to stain the aquarium sand black and carve the noses then it did to carve the heads, I think.  It sure was more fussy.

  For a carving project like this all you need is a sharp knife, a folding knife or a smaller fixed blade knife or a utility knife will let you whittle up a storm. I have been making some sort of tree ornament for nearly ten years now, and my Grandchildren may never have to buy an ornament for their trees ever. Oma and I are supplying their needs. 

Cheers, Ian W

maybe one like this next time. isn't it amazing.

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