Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

  Well, Eva is in the kitchen making several desserts, all heavily influence by chocolate. My work shop is pretty much shut down and fairly well cleaned up, ready for a couple of days break from making saw dust. Both of those things are usual.

 Later today family arrives to exchange some small gifts and to eat way to much food. Also usual.

 The thing that is unusual it our weather.  It is a few degrees above freezing and so far there had been no snow. The ponds at the end of our street have no ice on them and the forecast doesn't really foresee winter weather until at least the New Year.  That is not usual. For goodness sake the herbs are still green in our front garden. 

                    Merry Christmas.
              I wish you a

               Happy, Healthy,  
                and saw dusty  


cheers, Ian W

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