Sunday, December 6, 2015

Keeping in the Christmas Spirit

Make a wooden truck system

  Steve at has a good video on a simple 2 x 4 project that would be great as a gift for a little kid.  I made an assortment of wooden toys for my grandchildren when they were small. A real asset of a toy like Steve's truck is that it can be left in the sand box overnight, in the rain and still work properly the next day. As well, a wood truck lasts much longer than the equivalent plastic thing.

 This is also plug for Woodworking for Mere Mortals, the projects are approachable and the video production is excellent. Every time I think my blog should include home made videos I look at Steve and others and recognize my limitations and stay away from making a bad video.

 Here are three Christmas gifts, the fish puzzle is finished and the small snowman is ready to be bundled up and sent overseas. The turtle puzzle is half done and too difficult for Clara.  I am going back to the drawing board on the turtle. This one will get finished and stored away for another time, she will grow into a puzzle of this difficulty eventually. In fact I think the fish is too difficult for the six year old puzzle boy. I think there are not enough clues from the paint pattern to help him put the puzzle together, at first he will need help, but after a few times I expect he will learn the shapes and be able to make the fish himself.

  My finished segmented bowl and it is in our bathroom with shaving soap in it. I still may make a lid.  

  Here it is December 6th and technically I have my Christmas shop projects complete.  That is only because I set my sights quite low this year. I still can't put in more that a hour or so on my feet before it becomes a struggle. It is a bad idea to work with sharp tools when you are not fully comfortable and and in control.
Readerest Glasses Stainless Steel 8#
A stocking Stuffer from

  It is December 6th and there has been no snow and very little freezing weather. In better circumstances I would have been out on my motorcycle today, as were two hardy souls this afternoon.

  cheers, ianw

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