Monday, November 9, 2015

Workshop Storage Solutions.

  Finally getting back into my shop and looking at the mess made me think of organizing and storage.  Jimmy Diresta's rolling tool chest in one solution to where to put tools and gear. 
Rolling Tool Chest

  I don't share space and so didn't need a locking tool cabinet. My cabinet has one side fixed to the wall and the other side on wheels. Moving the rolling section shows this unit is filled with finishing materials. The frame work is two IKEA Sten units ( Sten has been discontinued) with sides and wheels added. When I first looked at this idea it was faster and cheaper to begin with a shelf unit as the frame work. As the Sten was designed to be study with out side and back I was able to use very thin and cheap plywood and still get solid shelving.

The two plastic bag holders are used to hold clean shop rags, not plastic bags.


            The next storage unit I have is one of those tin cupboards usually seen in a garage. If you keep you eyes open this type of unit is regularly put out for garbage pick up or for sale cheap at yard sales.  This unit is not too sturdy so it is filled with bits, pieces and various fasteners. Nothing heavy but stuff I want to keep organized and as dust free as possible.               


 Another storage unit that cost me nothing is this old chest of drawers. It was battered and water damaged when I got hold of it. So I did a bit of repair work on the drawers and now have three good sized places for small pieces, craft item, patterns and templates.

  By now you maybe detecting a theme. This cupboard unit I literally picked up from the side of the road one day last spring. I had to clean it up a little and put a couple of shelves in and screw it to the wall, Voilà, a wooden cupboard with doors for next to no dollars.

 My long term goal is to get all my tools and materials behind doors or into tool boxes to make shop clean up easier. With patience I have been able to get quite a bit of storage for very little cost.
 By the end of this week I hope to be active enough to get going on projects for the coming season of gift giving.

cheers, ianw 

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