Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christmas Time is Coming

 Each year I try to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible. There a several reasons for this: one reason is to try and give gifts that are one of a kind, our family is blessed with enough prosperity that most any commercial thing that we could want, we can buy. Gone are the days of saving up and waiting to buy a new sweater or electronic gadget, and being in that situation is wonderful, being well supplied and content is a foundation stone of happiness. But it does make gift giving a challenge.

 Another reason I like to make gifts is it gives me permission to buy more expensive materials rather than just make due with ordinary hardware store stuff.  It is nice to buy matching hardware for a project, or even break down and buy solid brass, instead of brass plated hinges and drawer pulls.

  The final reason I like to make gifts is to try and express to the receiver how special they are, home made gifts take time and imagination and planning.

 On that note, Christmas is coming, it is time to begin planning and building your gifts.

For Children: toys and puzzles, treasure chest, toy boxes, puppet theatres, boats that float, planes that fly, bottle rockets, tool boxes, bicycle racks, book cases and book ends, Tree ornaments, just to name a few.

For Wives, serving platters, bowls, wooden spoons, flower pots, coffee trolleys, cutting boards, candle holders, seasonal decorations, coasters, storage boxes, bins, cupboards and hampers.

For Husbands, all of the above + bbq related stuff.

And for Friends of all sorts, same as for your partner but not quite as nice.

  I have made several of these super simple bottle openers. They take no time and almost no material. I've made mine from oak and polished them until they are ultra smooth.

I embedded a magnet so that the bottle
cap doesn't fall to the floor.

  Get into the shop, HO HO HO season is  coming soon.

cheers, ianw

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