Saturday, November 14, 2015

Returning to My Roots

Excalibur EX-16 16 inch Scroll Saw with Tilting Head

   When I started  back into wood working one of the first tools I bought was a scroll saw. I worked it until the bearing gave out a couple of years ago, and replace it, but have been using it less and less. I had moved onto larger projects and acted as though I had out grown my scroll saw.

  Well, here I am back where I started.  I am up and around although my activity time is still quite limited. Being bed bound is making me crazy, I lay there thinking of all the projects I want to do and....sometimes the frustration makes getting to sleep almost impossible. 

  One of the advantages with scroll saw projects is they are small and can be done quickly or at least in bite sized pieces.
Today's project was broken into several parts. First I saw an idea I like on the net, then I made my own design.

   I have taken a couple of drawing courses expressly so that I can draw my own designs and patterns. Previously I had to make photocopies and so was limited to what was for sale or otherwise available.

  A day or so after the drawing I glued the pattern to some Baltic birch plywood and cut it out.

 After sitting at the saw long enough to cut out the snail I am now laying in bed with a sore(ish) back typing the blog.

  The pieces need a light sanding and then they get a natural finish. There aren't many pieces but there being no front or back side will make the puzzle more of a challenge then it initially appears.

  It is nice to make something again.

cheers Ianw

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