Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Segmented Turning Projects

  With Christmas just around the corner the internet is flooded with projects to make in your shop for gifts. Recently Linn at Darbin Orvar produced a video making segmented bowls.

 Recently a Facebook friend shared a video of a segmented bowl being turned on a lathe.

  Yesterday David, a real friend of mine and I were suitably inspired by the internet that we cut up some wood and glued up blanks ourselves.
You can never have to many clamps.

 Since David hasn't used a lathe since middle school shop class, (many years ago for both of us) we decided to make our first bowls rather modest. We glued 16 2 1/2 inch pieces of contrasting wood together and then clamped the living daylights out of the whole thing.

 This type of project doesn't require high skill, or expensive tools weights, strings and rubber bands could replace the clamps. We used a table saw and planner to prepare our wood pieces but that is only because we started with some rough lumber.
  One of the reasons that we decided to try our hand at a shop project is that David and I have known each other for 20+ years and have thought, discussed and solved all of the world's problems, over and over and it has become boring knowing the answers and being ignored. So now we are going to spend our time doing stuff and the world can look after itself.

Another Christmas Gift Idea

M12 Speaker

cheers, ianw

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