Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Day Of Christmas


 The Twelve Days of Christmas have a long and glorious tradition, as with all traditions the exact details vary from culture to culture and have often diverged distantly from their ancient beginnings in the modern world.  Diverging is not necessarily a bad thing, I love tradition but will move with the times if I see that as useful.  In this case I have just borrowed "the twelve days of Christmas" as a title, as several other woodworking bloggers, notably Chris Schwartz.

  My theme is shop tools that I turn to regularly and would miss if they were not at hand.  In a home shop where there is wood work and all types of D.I.Y often there needs to be a variety of tools.

  A tool that I turn to regularly is a wire stripper.  It seems I am always repairing a power cord, making a extension cord or repairing a damaged plug end.  We are also replacing the contractor supplied light fixtures in our home one at a time, as we refinish and personalise rooms in our house. (five years and most of the lights have been replaced).
Samona Wire Stripper Automatic 31045

    A wire stripper is not a tool that you absolutely need to do the job, it is just a tool that makes doing the job quicker and easier.  
Gray Tools Wire Cutter/Stripper B140

  Either type of stripper is a bonus tool in your tool box.


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