Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eleven Pipers Piping

  Maybe the Lords a-leaping are dancing a highland fling?

  The shopping days of Christmas 2013 are winding down.  All my shopping was done a couple of days ago and I am quite pleased too.  It appears that Mother Nature wants us to stay home with our loved ones for a bit too, she has covered us in ice and now the wind is coming up, it could be exciting.


  Stanely FatMax® 6-3/4'' Coping Saw 15-106

    The coping saw, I have a band saw, (two actually) and a jig saw and until recently a scroll saw (a bearings has given out) but I still use my coping saw occasionally.  It is at hand and is good for the quick and dirty little deeds, I find it's greatest virtue is that it will work on things that are very small. 

    The project can be clamped into a vise and the curve cut  where it would be too difficult to hold the object and use a jig saw, and maybe too scary to work that close to the band saw blade.  I won't suggest that you buy the cheapest coping saw, nor is the very expensive one necessary unless you are a hand tool only kind of guy. A middle or the road price and a reputable company should do the job just fine.  In the distant past I was taught to loosen the blade in the frame when not in use.
Bahco 6.5
Bahco is a well know company in Europe that makes quality tools, in Europe.

   Another advantage to the coping saw is that it is a good safe place for little beginning wood workers to start their sawing career.  The saw is light, versatile and easy to control, all good things for beginners.  

Stay Cool,
cheers, Ian W

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