Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ninth Day Of Christmas

Nine Ladies Dancing with the Joy of the Season is a  wonderful image.

  For the Ninth Day I have another of those seldom used but really useful tools.
  The Hammer Drill can cost a little, or a lot.  If you use one now and then spend the money and buy a corded hammer drill like this one from King.
King 1/2-inch Hammer Drill 8309N

   This is a value priced tool, but one that will make putting those curtain rods in that new apartment so much easier.  I put up shelves against a poured concrete wall now and then and sometimes have to drill a hole in a brick wall for a railing or a trellis or....and a hammer drill and Tapcons make the job no stress.

   If you are going to be doing a tonne of work check out the whole spectrum of hammer drills.


Penguin Picture - Grey Penguins

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