Friday, December 13, 2013

Sixth Day of Christmas

  Six geese a-hanging around??

Today's Christmas gift is a wire brush.  There are all sorts of sized and types of wire brushes and they are all useful in a wood working shop.

  This sort of brush gets used in my shop to knock off bark from fire wood that will be re-sawn or turned on the lathe.  I also use both a large and small version of this type of wire brush to clean dirt off barn boards.  Over time dust, dirt and other stuff collects on barn board and I use a wire brush to clear that away before I plane or saw the wood.
Forney 1-1/2'' Shanked Brass Wire Wheel End Brush 60003

  I have used a wire brush like this one chucked in to a hand held drill or my drill press to aid in cleaning up stained metal on tools.  I have a few tools that I've purchased from flea markets or "antique" dealers, elbow grease, bee's wax and serious time with a wire brush has made some of those purchases wise choices.  (some of the purchases, not so wise....)

Forney 6'' Brass Fine-Wire Bench Wheel Brush

   A wheel like this can also help clean up neglected tools.

  I suspect that there are really six different wire brushes to choose from  actually there are six pages of wire brushes to choose from in the on line catalogue.  You can even use a wire brush to add texture to wood in a wood working shop.


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