Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chaos Controlled

   I promised that I would share the "after" photos once I got the place cleaned up.  My estimation of an hour or two was a bit optimistic, I am guessing a total of six hours to get the shop into really nice shape.  I not only put everything away I also vacuumed  and made a small effort in the off cut bin. My buddy Ron calls me a wood junkie because I hate to throw away any wood that one day could be useful.

that is the power tool area with everything put away
where if belongs. swept and vacuumed.

  In that back section I have a jointer, planner, table saw, lathe, two band saws and my sanding machine cart. There is a place for everything, and when everything is in its place, all is well.

  There are the benches clear and ready for the next project.  Note:  when I made the higher section for my work table put a couple of quick coats of shellac on the top and then a couple of serious coats of paste wax.  When I went to clean up the top today the lumps of glue came off no problem.  I will reapply wax later today to the top and to the tops of my iron horses. (table saw, jointer, band saw, lathe)

    Here is a look down the length of my shop from the power tool section (the band saw is behind me to the left) to the benches.  You can see on the right side my KREG Klamp Table, and just past it is my JessEm Excel Router Table.

     A couple of years ago I put down foam mats to reduce back pain, I think they help a bit. On the Klamp Table I have a piece of foam I got from a fabric shop for its none marring and anti- slip characteristics.

  The last thing I want to show is my high tech shop safety device.  In the middle of my shop sits the furnace and attached to the furnace is an air exchange unit.  The unit hangs from the ceiling and has about five feet of space below it.  The unit also has very sharp corners.  I was not prepared to lose all that wall space and so I put a couple of storage units in under and against the wall.  My safety device is that sock hanging off the sharp corner, it tickles me before I lift my head high enough to hit the unit and it gets into my vision and keeps me from bumping into that sharp corner.  It sounds silly, but it works.

  A  quick foot note:

   Happy Thanks Giving
 to all my American Brothers.


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