Friday, December 20, 2013

Ten Lords a Leaping

   Ten Lord's (frogs) a leaping. Let me first go on record as saying the frogs in the back yard pond are not leaping, they are sleeping.  I also suspect that by the tenth day of festivities all but the most youthful and vigorous lords were also sleeping, or at least sitting around with the top button of their lordly trousers undone.
Arrow Heavy Duty Tacker Gun

  For Day 10 I have turned to a tool which falls into the category of personal preference as  much as an objective endorsement.  I can not claim to be objective because I have never used any other heavy duty stapler, the T 50 that I bought 35 years ago is still going strong. The one that I inherited from my father's shop, which came from his father's shop was since been given away to a a good home. Even I couldn't think of a need for two of these work horses.

 This stapler is heavy and requires a gorilla like squeeze, but then it is heavy duty.  It has stapled acres of plastic vapour barrier and  I have used it to attach miles of Christmas lights to parade floats. Aside from those obvious tasks this tool will lay a staple across the back of the mitred picture frame joint adding strength and allowing the glue to dry, all one handed.  I also use short staples in the gun to hold water colour paper to a plywood backer for painting, it will drive a staple into plywood with easy problem.

   This stapler is so solid that you can loan it to people and they can't seem to break it, in spite of their best efforts. It is one of my very few loanable tools.

   A stapler like this will often do the work of a air brad nailer if you are only driving a 1/2 fastener, I've stapled together lots of little boxes with this tool.

   A caveat, since my Arrow T-50 and I have been together for so long and it has been bomb proof,  I have not had need to try the new version to see if it is lighter or easier to squeeze. 


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