Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twelve Drummers Drumming

  Okay, I am fully in the Christmas Spirit.  My lovely wife is in the kitchen making  Swedish Princess Cake with the Grandchildren, and I spent time this morning making a snow plough truck for Kieran.  It doesn't get more Christmas like than that, we even have a light dusting of beautiful white snow.

   This truck is a variation on one that I made last spring, in this case the snow plough can raise.  The awful blue plastic string is so the truck can be pulled around.  When I asked Kieran if he wanted the truck painted he said," he likes wood colour."

   Getting back to the top of the page, while I am fully in the spirit, no amount of spirit could make me want to see 12 drummers drumming, unless they were "TOP SECRET".

  Now, getting back to the twelve days,

Merry Christmas,
Peace on Earth,
Good Will Towards Men.

My Family wishes your family a safe, healthy and joy filled holiday.

cheers, Ian W

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