Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fifth Day of Christmas

  My fifth day of Christmas pays homage to the five versions of the KREG Pocket Hole Jig.  If my count is correct KREG Company is marketing their fifth version of their iconic jig.
Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Kreg Jig 13832
The K 4 is the 5th
    I have one each of the previous two generations of jig, and  use them all the time.  My oldest is not easily adjustable for material thickness, but of course is excellent for 3/4 inch stock and the newer version is the one that I use for all the other dimensions. I used other knock off pocket hole jigs and did not like the result, once you go KREG you will never go back.

   Foot note:

   All you wood working snobs out there that only use mortise and tenons, or biscuits or magic or what ever.   Since it is the holiday season I'll just wish you Merry Christmas and keep on using pocket holes when it serves me best.

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