Monday, September 19, 2016

music stand

 Last week I returned to playing clarinet in our local community concert band. I stopped playing in bands about eight years ago for a variety of reasons, mostly because it wasn't much fun.  I am hoping playing will be fun again.

 When I gathered my gear up I discovered that I could not find my wire music stand, it could be anywhere.  I may have given it away or left it in a church some place or......I don't know, abducted my aliens!. Not a real issue, I hate those flimsy, folding wire music stands anyway.

  I have a wood working shop so I made myself a good sturdy, useful music stand.

  At this point the bottom section of the stand is not finished.  Probably I will stain it black too, but for this week I am going to leave it unfinished so that the wood is obvious.

  The whole project was made from re-claimed or left over wood. The body of the stand is re-claimed spruce 2 x 4. The section connected to the top is a bit of oak trim I had laying around, it is fairly thin and so I wanted oak's strength. The face is a bit of door skin.

 The stand is adjustable for angle with a bolt and wing nut. I had the threaded stock available to make the bolt.


 I cut a channel in the 2 x 4 using dado blades into which the oak stem fits. There is the possibility of adding adjustment for height later, currently it is made by me, for me, so it fits. 

  I would go with the hard wood/soft wood combination on the next music stand too. I soft wood base/body is not very heavy and the hard wood stem and legs are small yet strong.
Making a project from mixed wood pretty much means it needs to be darkly finished or painted to get a consistent looking finish.

  There is a sofa table lurking in the back ground but it involves some heavy machining, and my back it not allowing me much heavy lifting just now.  Later I the week, I hope.


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