Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yesterday was Labour Day-A Related Rant-Revised

  So I didn't work.  I went to my Grand daughter's fifth birthday party and ate cake.

  That forgoing statement is only partially true.  Yes I partied and ate cake but, no I worked too.  I didn't build anything in my shop yesterday unless you count the toy I repaired and the glue test I ran, as working ( which is was).  The other two hours were cleaning, organizing, planning and generally putting stuff away where it belongs.  Also work but mostly not credited. Too many people work in offices and talk on the phone as their work, they don't have to clean up, sharpen tools or prepare materials before beginning to work, so they forget about that part of 'work'.  

  At this point I had a multi-paragraph rant about 'work' and 'labour' etc. written this morning. No one wants to read a rant about how people that make and create are undervalued.  Those of us that make and create know that and the other people probably don't read this blog. 

  So I am going to share photos of my latest project with my Grandson. This is why I love to work with wood.  When the batteries are dead,or the plastic has cracked on other toys this thing will be knocking around and inspiring an imagination.

  Kieran holding the submarine that he designed and we made from 2 x 4's recovered from his home renovations.

 The modern conning tower opened to show where this sub stores its drones. The design was K's idea, drones are very fashionable. How it works: He comes up with the ideas and it falls to me to make them happen.

  The sub hinges open totally so that the torpedo tubes can be loaded with elastic bands. There is a firing pin (2 inch nail) that pushes down on the clothes pin from the top.  Everything is a bit rough, 7 years old want results, and this 7 year isn't much interested in sanding.  I am tempted to refine this idea and make a small submarine just for grins.

  I have a video of K planing the edges of the boards, this is a screen shot because I can't figure out how to import my video into my blog. (new software, limited computer expertise, and limited interest too)  Kieran is using my block plane and he used my good saws and drove the screws to hold the hinges with my cordless drill.  At this point he is not tall enough, experienced enough or brave enough to use any power tools beyond the cordless drill.  I hope to get him working on the scroll saw on Christmas holidays. 

  I hope that he will be a builder, a maker and a creator all his life. His sister is getting into the workshop too though it will take a couple more years for her to get big/old enough to really get making.

cheers ianw

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