Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Clara's Clock

  When the grand children where here for a visit last week my grandson designed and made a submarine, Clara designed a clock for her room.  I think that design, not engineering is going to be her strength.

  I think we have a duct tape diva in the making.

  The taping and painting was all Clara, I got assigned the woodworking part of the task.

  The round slab of wood is ash.  If you have ever tried to carve ash you know that it is hard, and end grain is even tougher.  You can see from the holes I used a forstner bit to hog away most of the wood.  I drilled out the space for the  clock works and squared the corners with a chisel. Since this is the back of the clock I used a sanding disk to flatten it.  

  To even do something as small as this you need a drill press, drill bits and an aggressive sander. It is nice to have a wood working  and an assortment to tools with which to work.

cheers ianw 


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