Friday, September 2, 2016

Double Decker Tool Box

  The summer is winding down.  On this last week of summer holidays we have our grand children staying with us for a few days. There have been shop projects under taken and while one is artistic and the other clever, neither really merit attention outside of the family.   On the other hand, having a 5 year old girl and a 7 year old boy wanting to make things in the shop is absolutely a good thing, and one to be encouraged.

  My grandson's project had him cutting small pieces of wood in my mitre box and more importantly he was using a block plane to round off some edges. Our project is still rough and ready but now quality of finish is becoming important and doing more of the work himself has also become  important.  It is difficult to develop skills when you get workshop time only a few days per year.  When Kieran began working in my shop I resolved to provide him with good and  sharp tools. In keeping with that philosophy he uses my planes, I watch him like a hawk and have foam floor mats down where he is working but he gets to use the good tools.

  A while ago he and I made a small tool box for some of his tools and today I saw another tool box video that I wanted to share.  I like the mega-box joints he uses and the two piece design.

  I like the design and the execution, as well  he gets along with a limited selection of tools, well used.  Sometimes I find myself tripping over tools and wishing for space and light and offering to sell my soul/tools to get those wishes granted. 

 Tomorrow we finish work on our latest project, a submarine with torpedo tubes, I'll share some photos once the paint is dry.

cheers, ianw

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